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  • Arriba

    Neustr. 29, Above the Kullise

    Arriba is now one of Düsseldorfs' oldest latin discos. Run by a Dominican Republican you'll find more bachata played here than anywhere else but also the mixture of international and latino music is more like what you get in the discos on holiday. This place can really swing at the weekend. It's still the place to be at the weekend between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. after having warmed up in La Ultima parada III.

    Myself, Olga, Rosa (the owner), Alex and Jason

    You do get the occasional serious dancer here but the place is more geared up for partying than for serious dancing. The current DJ is from the Dominican Republic and certainly knows his away around in the latino music world. There was one track I'd heard on holiday and nobody could tell me who sang it, nor could I find any references in the net. It was quite a suprise to hear Nelson playing that track in Arriba the next time I went!

    This place seems to be the hit amongst the latino community of Duesseldorf. Here you can travel to the Caribbean without evening needing your passport. Grab yourself a "Cuba Libre" and soak in that latin sound.

    A smile that's worth a million!

    If you find yourself stuck for somewhere to go during the week or even on a sunday night, Arriba is one of the places you might just run into enough people to have a great night. If you pop in on a sunday night, don't be too suprised if you have a really hard time getting up for work on monday morning.