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  • Bossa Nova - Neusserstr. 121 (Near Bilker Kirche)

    Coming soon - The history of Bossanova (the music not the pub)

    Relax in Bossa Nova

    The atmosphere in this place reminds me of some of the better Jazz clubs I've been to. You feel you can just kick off your shoes, sip on your favourite cocktail and relax to some of the best live music I've heard anywhere in Düsseldorf. There's something about Brasilians that seems to make them smile all of the time and this is incredibly infectious. I reckon they could almost offer a money back guarantee that no matter what mood you were in when you entered here you'll be smiling within a couple of minutes! Sunaylisboa (the owner) knows her business well and enjoys chatting to all the guests. It's hard to leave this place without promising that you'll pop in again the next day.

    Meet the friendly staff!

    You'll find live music here every night except Mondays. With three different permanent musicians playing alternating nights, there's a wide variety of music to be heard. Daniel plays a mixture of Samba, popular brasilian and international music using backing tracks to create a really full sound. Paulo is the specialist for Bossanova and has his own very distinctive jazz style. Marquinho plays a mixture of Bossanova and popular brasilian music and always manages to get people to join in.

    • Tue - Daniel D'Dane
    • Wed - Paulo Noronha
    • Thu - Daniel D'Dane
    • Fri - Marquinho
    • Sat - Paulo Noronha
    • Sun - Marquinho

    If you get a bit peckish then try out the food. Sunay's speciality is food from Bahia. I managed to steal (I mean temporarily borrow) a copy of the menu from Sunay such that I can give you a bit more information here without making horrendous spelling mistakes (my Portuguese is practically non existant). Brasil fans will know "Feijoada", which is a rice dish with fried beans and chopped sausage (you'd have to ask an expert to get a better description though it's easiest just to try it). The house speciality is breast of chicken, served in a mushroom sauce with bacon and rice ("Frango a la moda da Bossa"). If you don't know Brasilian food then the mixed starter gives you a good introduction.

    There's no shortage of fresh fruit