Salsa Dancing in Germany

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Salsa/Merengue Dancers

D¨sseldorfs salsa/merengue scene is fairly small in comparison with Cologne for example, but I find it has a great atmosphere. When I'm in Düseldorf you'll find me most Friday and Saturday nights frequenting the few latino bars/discos. If you're interested in dancing some salsa or merengue then take a look at the places listed below. Things change fast in the Altstadt, so it's difficult to keep up with everything but here's the information gathered from my last trip September 2006.

  1. La Guantanamera - Cocktail Bar
      Salsa dance lessons most evenings during the week and a great place to start your evening at the weekend. Many people drop in here for a few drinks before going downstairs into the dance club
  2. La Guantanamera - Dance Club
      A good mixture of latino music and frequented by a lot of latinos, makes this club one of my favourites
  3. Arriba - Neustr. 29 (Opposite the Kulisse)
      Arriba is now "abajo" (or at least it's on the ground floor). Very much a latino disco rather than a salsateca. Great atmosphere late at night. This is still very busy at weekends and you'll find a few people around during the middle of the week.
  4. Buena Vista - Mühlenstr. 11
      NEW: The long awaited reopening of "La Guarida" took place at the end of December in the form of the newly named "Buena Vista". It's about the smallest latin bar I've ever come across, but always manages to have a good atmosphere. They play a good mixture of authentic latino music, including plenty of salsa, merengue and bachata.




Before anyone complains, I know that brasilian music is not latino music, but I'm not going to start a new page just to mention the following place

    Bossa Nova - Neusser Str. 121

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