Salsa Dancing in the UK

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There are many sites that provide information about what's going on, but not so many that give you an impression of what the venues are really like. It is our intention to provide pictures and a description of salsa venues that we have personally visited.


  1. Copacabana - Manchester
      Wednesday night is the best night for pure salsa. It's also a good party at the weekends, but more a mixture of latin pop with occasional salsa. Sevendale House, Dale Street, Manchester M1 2HF
  2. Salsology - Manchester
      This is an event held approximately once every two months and is attended by salseros from up and down the country. The venue is the largest one I know that has such regular events and it's run by some of the North Wests top teachers so they always have great classes. The Longfield Suite, Rectory Lane, Prestwich, Manchester M25 1AY
  3. The Flute - Liverpool
      Thursday night is salsa night. They play lots of salsa early on and then start to mix in other latino music as the night progresses. 35 Hardman Street, Liverpool L1 9AS
  4. The Asterdale - Derby
      This is a once a month event in Derby, run by Lee Hunter. The venue is great, with a large dance floor and plenty of space around. It's one of the friendliest events i've been to, where everyone dances with everyone. Borrowash Rd, Spondon, Derby DE21 7PH
  5. Lowton Labour Club - Lowton
      I'm not sure how regular these events are, they seem to be once every couple of months, but I don't always hear about them in time. This is another really good venue for dancing with a wooden dance floor. Look out for the fancy dress themes. You don't have to dress up, but quite a lot do. Lowton Labour Club, 196 Newton Road, Lowton WA3 2AQ.
  6. St Anne's Club - Birmingham
      St. Anne's Club has salsa on friday nights and is worth the trip down from Manchester. Good music, plenty of room to dance and a great atmosphere. Have a look on the Latin Motion web site for lots more venues and events in Birmingham. St. Anne's Club, Alcester Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B12 0PH.




Had a fabulous time at the MamboCity congress at the end of April 2006. It's always a great event with, amongst many others, Mr Salsa himself "Eddie Torres" teaching. For those of you that don't know, he's the guy that taught many of the teachers we now regard as the top teachers in the world!

Also "Salsa Freak" Edie Lewis gave some great lessons with her usual brand of humour thrown in.

Edie Lewis - Lipstick on a bald head

How did that lipstick get there?

Robert and Jean White of MamboCity presented a great selection of classes, including New York (On2) style, LA (On1) style and Cuban.

Pontins - East Coast Latin

Personally I think Cressida and team really excelled themselves this time, presenting a salsa weekend with the addition of some ballroom dancing lessons provided by "Andrew Cuerdon & Hanna Haarala" of BBC's "Strictly come dancing" show. Having done a fair amount of ballroom classes over ten years ago, before I discovered salsa, it was great to remember just how much fun ballroom dancing can be. Shame there aren't more places around where you can go to dance it! Fortunately Cha cha does now get played more and more at various salsa functions and you do get the occasional Rumba.

On the Sunday night, they put on a show that was a farce of "Strictly come dancing", which was the funniest show i've ever seen at Pontins. Andrew Cuerdon danced with Cressida and Hanna Haarala did a Waltz with Rohan, but the winning couple had to be seen to be believed. Lee Hunter dancing a marvelous Paso Doble with the most extravagant looking tall "lady" (Aladdin) you have ever seen in a blue ballgown, showing off her gold thong!

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